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Your No-Brainer $1,000,000 Cash in the Bank Plan

How to Enroll, Service, and Renew Residential Maintenance Agreements 

        • Imagine having $1 million in the bank.
        • Imagine being your own line of credit.  You don't have to worry about the bank saying no, or how to meet payroll, or how to fund a new truck.
        • Imagine having less seasonality and more consistent cash flow.

You CAN do it!

How do you do it? With my proven maintenance growth plan. Maintenance agreements are essential for a stable, profitable HVAC company.  Dramatically increase your residential  planned maintenance agreement (PMA) enrollments using a proven, systematic process.

The national average for maintenance agreement enrollments is 30%.  With this program, the average residential enrollment rate is 45%.  And, some contractors who have followed this program have achieved more than a 70% enrollment rate.

Learn the easy steps to get at least $1 million in cash in the bank within 10 years.  This manual and optional on-line training and coaching, gives you the step by step guide to putting more than a million dollars in the bank.

You implement what you learn every day.  Learning and follow up can be accomplished through on-line training and reporting results. When you choose the coaching option, Ruth King reviews all reports and is available by telephone and email for questions/issues as they arise.

Does this work? Here's what contractors say:

Contractor in the Midwest:  “We had to open a savings account in another bank because we exceeded the Federal Insurance of $250,000 per account with our maintenance savings.”

Contractor in the Southeast:  “The best thing you ever told us was to put the maintenance agreement cash in a savings account.  In 7 years we saved over $1.7 million.”

Bob Barnes – Western Heating, Boise, ID:  “The weather was mild this fall and we were still busy thanks to our maintenance agreement customers...and I now make money even in February!”

Your Three Options

        • #1 How to Enroll, Service and Renew Residential Maintenance Agreements Manual
        • #2 Manual plus 12 video training sessions
        • #3 Manual plus 12 video training sessions plus Ruth King coaching

Option 1: How to Enroll, Service, and Renew Residential Maintenance Agreements Manual

The residential maintenance manual has the pricing, scripts, sample agreements, and the 7 step process to grow a thriving maintenance program. This step-by-step process gives you what you need to create a maintenance agreement culture and put $1,000,000 in the bank in 10 years or less.

Option 2: Manual plus 12 Video Training Sessions

Each session is 20 to 30 minutes in length and covers a specific training topic.  Sessions are stored in a secure area of  You will be given the password to watch these sessions as many times as you'd like for a year.

The sessions are:

  • Session 1: Overview Maintenance Philosophy
  • Session 2: Service Technician training
  • Session 3: Dispatch training
  • Session 4: Technician customer service training
  • Session 5: Owner’s update and training
  • Session 6: Customer follow up training
  • Session 7: Summer maintenance issues
  • Session 8: Getting ready for fall
  • Session 9: Monthly Recurring billing
  • Session 10: Fall technician training
  • Session 11: Technician holiday training
  • Session 12: Wrap up

Option #3: Manual plus video training plus coaching

When you choose the coaching option, you will send your weekly results to Ruth King. In addition, you have the option to schedule a monthly 15 minute telephone call.  The call could be for additional technician or office training, or simply to report on progress and ask questions.

 With coaching and tracking we can spot some issues and take care of them before they become major crises.

 More things you need to know:

  1. Different video sessions are held for dispatchers and service technicians, customer service personnel,  managers and owners.
  2. You receive a step-by-step manual with scripts and letters that you can and should use.
  3. Sample forms and agreements (use is NOT required).
  4. Sample letters to be sent using the instructions accompanying the letters.
  5. Tracking forms (for the coaching option) are sent to you.
  6. Contest and activity plans are included in the manual.  They can be monitored through the coaching program.
Who is Ruth King?

Profitability Master Ruth King, an industry veteran with over 25 years helping contractors with growth, maintenance, and financial issues, developed this dynamic and information packed program. She has written and implemented her Residential Operations Manual: Best Practices for Running a Profitable HVAC Company as well as maintenance and other manuals that help contractors like you be more profitable.

Ruth is the best- selling author of The Courage to be Profitable and two other award winning books.  Read her monthly financial column in HVACR Business and in many other industry trade publications.  She has spoken at industry national, state, and local association meetings including ACCA, Comfortech, PHCC, and many others.

Your Investment:

Ruth King's personal guarantee:  If, after implementing the processes described in the manual or the video training, or coaching, you do not feel that you got your money's worth, I will refund your money, no hassles.

I look forward to helping you build a thriving maintenance agreement program.

Ruth King Profitability Master